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Fight for kindness is a project designed for the combative spreading of the power of gentleness and courtesy. In an increasingly self-oriented society, exacerbated by the experiences of pandemic isolation, kindness has collapsed, risking becoming a legacy of times gone by.

Suddenly it became something to fight for, with constructive weapons, simple gestures of altruism and smiles, even if covered in masks. Fight for kindness represents the oxymoron of civilised and constructive culture with a fighting spirit.



Who Can

This open call is reserved for design students currently enrolled in a graduate or post-graduate program, all across the globe.


Partner institutions


Design a poster + social media post depicting the theme of 'kindness'. Read the full brief and follow the template provided in the link and submit before December 15, 2021.

The brief


The objective of this open call is to inspire a change of attitude in our community. The chosen entries will get a chance to be featured in our online gallery and social media channels. 

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The brief

Design a poster and social media post around the theme of 'kindness'.


The message to communicate can include any of the following⁠—kindness in daily life, peace empathy, love, tolerance, stop hate, stop violence or similar topics that spread a positive message of practicing kindness in our lives and community.

> Download the template provided to use for the submission. Files must be sent in a Pdf or Jepg formate, under 10 mb.

> Mail the entries to, with a short description of the idea. Include your name, school and Instagram/Facebook handles (if any).

> The deadline for entries is December 15, midnight (CET).

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On the occasion of World Kindness Day,

we are launching an open call, reserved for design students all around the globe. The aim is to inspire a change of attitude in our community by involving the next generation of designers.


We invite students to send their artworks for a chance to get selected, and be a part of digital and physical expositions, in the most influential international design schools. Select entries will get a chance to be featured in our online gallery and social media channels. 


Fight for kindness is a non-profit project designed by Debora Manetti and Shrishti Vajpai from the TypeCampus team, sponsored by the type foundry Zetafonts.


Ancora 1

Typecampus has partnered with 25 Internationally reputed design schools for this project. Following are the participating institution, although the call is open to all design students, currently enrolled in any design school.


(List of schools to be added)

Image by Aaina Sharma

There is no entry fee to participate in this initiative for both students and schools.

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