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In an increasingly self-oriented society, exacerbated by the experiences of pandemic isolation, kindness has collapsed, risking becoming a legacy of times gone by. Peace and mutual trust are becoming more important than ever, and any action that can work in this direction is our human responsibility.

Each year, in November, people across the globe celebrate World Kindness Day, which promotes the importance of being kind to each other and to the world. This project is a unique opportunity to build awareness around this annual appointment, by unifying design communities and celebrating Kindness in a more inspiring way.

Selected entries will get a chance to be featured in our online gallery, social media channels and more; be a part of digital and physical expositions, in the most influential international design schools. 



Who Can

The entire creative community is invited to contribute with a typographic message about courage, respect, inclusivity, care, environmental protection, integrity and responsibility. 


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To participate, designers need to submit an artwork that contains an inspirational message for a more empathic, inclusive and positive world. Poster + social media post & story are required. 

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Fight for kindness is a project designed to spread kindness and courtesy in an unexpected and powerful way. Selected entries will get a chance to be featured in our online gallery and social media channels

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To participate, designers need to submit an artwork that contains an inspirational headline/message for a more empathic, inclusive and positive world. Designers can apply with more than one artwork, using the application form for each submission.

> Only digital submissions are allowed and image files must use the templates provided, in all different proportions required.

> The files to be uploaded cannot exceed 10 MB in total. In case of more than one submission you will need to fill in the given form for each subject/artwork.

> The final deadline of the 2021 edition will be 31 August 2022. Selected artworks will be communicated and shared during the year. We encourage designers to upload multiple artworks.

> The artworks can use mediums such as, typography, lettering, 3D processing, illustrations or other techniques.

Let's fight for kindness together and make it more alive than ever!



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Typecampus is partnering with more than 25 Internationally reputed design schools around the globe with free resources for schools and students.

Fight for Kindness is a side project open to the entire creative community in partnership with Zetafonts, Femme Type, Typeroom and other notable organisations.

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Fight for Kindness!




This project doesn't require any entry fee.

Do you want to become a partner of the project? interested in hosting exhibitions? do you want to propose sharing ideas?